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Health & Well-Being

We, as a school community, value the overall health and well-being of each individual in our community, staff and students alike. 

See our Healthy Schools Policy here

Our Healthy Schools Coordinator, Miss Kerrey, works on several projects across the school to ensure that everyone is supported in our whole-school attempts to be the healthiest we can be such as:

  • Working towards achieving the Healthy Schools Award
  • Supporting Staff Well-Being Committee
  • Leading meetings with elected Eco-Committee Representatives and managing action to achieve Eco Award

We also provide support through:

  • Learning Support Unit (a place where students are able to continue their learning when they may be struggling with  a personal issue, or health concern) - managed by Mrs. Tomlinson who runs her own set of supportive workshops, including Anti-Bullying projects, Peer Mentorship, The Angry Gremlin and more
  • 1:1  Counselling with  our trained in-house counsellor, Ms. Emerson
  • Heads of Years and Form Tutors who know each child by name