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Numeracy Across the Curriculum 2017-18


“Literacy and Numeracy Skills will be more

explicitly taught across the curriculum”

(School Action Plan, 2016-17)


Mission statement:

Excellent numeracy skills are vital to our students to ensure their successful futures in a competitive career marketplace. More importantly, they will allow students to make astute financial decisions, whether that be counting the correct change in a shop, planning credit card payments, or avoiding risky loans.

This year the Numeracy Working Party will focus on explicitness, engagement and empowerment. Students will participate in numeracy tasks more regularly, through weekly Form-time Numeracy Challenges and KS3 Quiz Bonus Questions. Numeracy will continue to be discussed and encouraged via lessons and assemblies, and we will once again enjoy a day dedicated to Numeracy Across the Curriculum, organised by the NSPCC.

Finally, through the “Why do I need Numeracy?” Project, students will be asked to consider and understand the importance of Numeracy in their daily lives, and be empowered by reflecting on and sharing their personal experience of this ever-important part of the curriculum.