GSO Test

School Council

At St Thomas More we believe that every child has an opinion that matters and that there should be a forum for children to express these opinions. The School Council is made up of democratically elected representatives who meet to discuss matters of importance to their form. These matters are passed on where necessary to members of staff to be dealt with

School Council Constitution

The Eco Team

Who Are We?

The Eco team are two designated students from each form class that have been voted in to improve the environmental matters in the school, there are 32 of us in total.

What Do We Do?

The Eco team deal with different environmental disputes in the school, for example we are trying to make sure everything is being recycled in the dinner hall and we would like to invest in solar panels for the school. The Eco team also try to improve with the economic concerns of the school, we do this by going into classrooms and turning off projectors, lighting and computers.