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Work Experience


Information for Parents/Carers

Work Experience has been introduced into the Upper School Curriculum in order that students may be given the opportunity to:

Observe the differences between the world of work and school and therefore, become more able to respond to the demands of the working world.

Learn from experience what employers expect from their employees.

Develop self-confidence.

Learn to accept responsibility.

Learn to relate to adults.

Practice skills learnt in school.

Learn new skills

Develop key skills.


Duration of Placement

Students will be in the workplace for 10 days.

Any absence from the Work Experience must be reported to both the school and the Work Experience employer.

The placement will be from Monday 29th June – Friday  10th July 2020, however all students will be required in school at 1:50pm on the Friday 10thJuly for debrief.

A debrief session will also take place in the week following the placement, giving students the opportunity to reflect on the skills they have acquired and the benefits of the experience.

Further debriefing will take place during subsequent PSHE lessons and with the Greenwich Careers Service.



It is a good idea to make sure you have the phone number of your son/daughter’s placement and the name of their supervisor in case there is a need to contact them in an emergency. The details are kept at school but it will be quicker to contact the employer should the need arise. All employers will be given a contact name and telephone number for you should it be necessary for an employer to contact you in the event of an emergency concerning your son/daughter.  


Most students will be undertaking journeys which are quite different and in most cases much longer than their normal daily ones. It would be helpful and reassuring if they were familiar with their journey in advance. A trial run in the ‘rush hour’ would probably be a good idea, especially if the student is going to a London based placement.

It is a good idea to ensure your son/daughter has some extra money with them each day to cover all eventualities. A copy of the underground map and a train timetable would also be useful.  



 It is important to impress upon the student the need for care with their appearance during the placements. Employers will generally expect them to dress formally.
Some students are required to wear old clothes or heavy shoes. This type of information should be in the job description/profiles.
It is not necessary to buy lots of new clothes for Work Experience, especially clothes the students will never wear again.

Health and Safety

 The school places great importance on the safety and well-being of its students whilst on Work Experience. Students will be briefed in general matters regarding Health and Safety before their placement and will complete a Health and Safety assessment test in school. Employers are encouraged to give instructions on safety precautions and the reasons for them, specific to the areas students will work in. Each employer is visited and the suitability and safety of the working environment assessed before students are placed in any environment which is unsuitable for medical reasons.


 It is important to remember that this is a very new and sometimes stressful situation for the students. They will be working a longer day than they are accustomed to and having to behave in a very different fashion. They may come home feeling very tired and even sometimes bad-tempered.

They need to talk to you about their experiences and of course how they feel about what they are learning and being expected to do during the day. Any problems they may be having which are anything other than nerves or insecurity should be brought to our attention. Please telephone the school and speak to me about the problem. I will then be in a position to contact the employer in order to discuss the situation. You can contact me on the main school number during school hours.

Record of Experiences

 Students will not be given homework or coursework for the duration of the placements in order to allow them to complete their Work Experience Log Book.   Their log book requires them to complete a number of short tasks and reflect daily on their experiences, what they have learnt and the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’.

There is also a section concerned with the development of Key Skills. Students will be expected to collect evidence to show how they have used and developed a series of skills.

 Please check that this work is being done every day so as to record experiences while they are fresh in their minds and to avoid a backlog of tasks at the end of the placements. Completed log books should be brought to school on the debrief day or on Monday 15th July with the employer’s comments already completed (page 48 and 49 of the log book headed ‘Work Experience Employer Assessment Form’). The employer’s comments are important as your child can use this on 6th form school/college applications.


 At the end of the Work Experience, both you and your son/daughter will be asked to evaluate the quality and suitability of the placements and the scheme. Please complete the evaluation forms as fully as possible. They do influence the planning for next year.


Please do not hesitate to contact  Mrs Tierney in School Services if you have any further queries or problems. Mrs Tierney can be reached by email at or by telephone 020 8850 6700.