Faith Beyond School


Engagement with our local parishes
Our main parish link is with Christchurch, Eltham, where we actively participate in the Holy Mass and Holy Days of Obligation. We also collaborate with nearby parishes, extending invitations to parish priests to visit our young parishioners and provide valuable guidance on supporting them outside of school.

One of our key objectives is to remind young people that they can contribute to the church in several ways. This includes altar-serving, reading during Mass, and assisting with the children's liturgy. By engaging in these roles, they can offer their service and actively participate in the church community.

Through these outreach efforts and shared initiatives, we aim to strengthen our connections with neighbouring parishes and inspire our young parishioners to become more involved in the church. By fostering a sense of participation and offering different avenues for service, we encourage them to explore their faith and contribute meaningfully to the church's activities.

During Lent, we provide all students and staff with the opportunity to attend the church for reconciliation. This valuable experience allows for personal reflection, penance, and silent prayer, enabling our young people to strengthen their relationship with God.

School Chapel Mass
We anticipate for a Mass to be held in our school chapel once every half-term, led by a parish priest. This creates a strong bond and connection with the local priests, giving our students the opportunity to display their school and demonstrate their faith. It fosters unity and supports the spiritual growth of our students.

Confirmation courses are conducted by dedicated catechists in their respective parishes. We strongly encourage our students to actively participate in this sacrament, as it symbolises their personal commitment to their faith and their role as engaged members of our Catholic community. By embracing Confirmation, our students take ownership of their spiritual journey and contribute to the vibrant Catholic identity within our community.

Family links and encouraging participation
We prioritise maintaining strong links with parents, recognising their importance in their young person's lives. Parents are warmly invited to Masses prepared by the students, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. They are also encouraged to participate in a variety of school events and engage with Mr Sharp during termly coffee mornings, providing opportunities for connection and open dialogue within our community.

South East London Catholic Academy Trust (SELCAT)
The South East London Catholic Academy Trust (SELCAT) provides a ‘family’ structure to schools within the boroughs of Croydon, Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Bexley, and Bromley. The growth of SELCAT aligns Government policy with the Archbishops vision for the schools in his Diocese, that all Catholic schools should be working within a strong ‘family’ of schools. St Thomas More was a founding trust school.

Our school, as a member of the Diocese of Southwark with St George's Cathedral serving as our focal point, actively participates in significant events such as the Start of Year Mass and The Good Samaritan Mass. These occasions provide our students with the valuable opportunity to actively participate in the Mass, contributing through roles like altar serving, reading, and choir involvement. By joining together with other schools in our diocese, we celebrate our faith, talents, and successes, fostering a deep sense of community and spiritual growth.