Dear God, Bless our art endeavours with inspiration and creativity. Guide our hands and minds as we express ourselves through art. May our art reflect our unique identities and experiences, inspiring others and fostering understanding. Amen 


Head of department
Miss L Nutton

Other teaching staff

Mr J Jones, Mrs H Woolgar

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Curriculum Intent

Time Plans

Prospective Students

Art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself and we aim to help  students develop their understanding of the world around them through the subject. At STM we will enable students to make progress in drawing, painting, creative presentation, research and various other skills. We will support students in creating personal and meaningful responses to project themes and nurture their confidence as artists along the way.


Students study 3 periods of Art each week and we follow the KS3 National Curriculum to ensure that students experience a variety of art history and contemporary art, techniques and materials, and an understanding of the formal elements of Art. 
In year 7 we study each of the formal elements via the theme 'Food, Glorious, Food'.
In year 8 we further develop understanding of the formal elements and stretch their imagination through the 'Utopia' project.
KS3 is on rotation with DT & FT. Projects last 13 weeks, then students with rotate to either FT  or DT.


GCSE Art has a focus on Fine Art with drawing and painting skills at the forefront of the schemes of work. 
In year 9 students produce a sketchbook and final piece around the theme of 'Identity', with the main focus being portraiture. 
Due to COVID disruptions this year, year 10 will also study 'Identity' as their theme. This will enable students to further develop their portraiture skills.
Year 11 are studying 'The Human Condition' with more focus on portraiture to develop their painting and portraiture ability, whilst studying contemporary artists. 
We research historical and contemporary artists who link to the themes, world issues, celebrate culture and religion. They will learn how to create work using and building upon the skills learned in KS3. Towards the end of year 10 and 11 the students have the opportunity to work more independently when designing and creating their final pieces.
KS4 students are also encouraged to visit galleries and museums in their own time. 

Trips will be organised to suit theme and depending on exhibitions available at the time

AQA GCSE Art and Design Specification          


Extra-Curricular opportunities available

Year 8 art club    Thursday after school in the Art room 15:30-16:30