Au nom du Père, et du Fils, et du Saint Esprit. Encouragez-nous à respecter les autres, Donnez-nous l’amour des langues, Ouvrez nos cœurs aux autres cultures. Amen


En el nombre del Padre, y del Hijo, y del Espíritu Santo. Anímanos a respetar a los demás, Danos el amor de las lenguas, Abre nuestros corazones a otras culturas. Amén


Head of department
Ms A Milton

Other teaching staff
Miss P Moreno, Mrs K Shakespeare, Ms C Blanc

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Time Plans and Knowledge and Skills

French KS3   Spanish KS3   French KS4   Spanish KS4


In Year 7, students study both Spanish and French, having one and two lessons of these languages per week, respectively. Students learn as complete beginners, quickly learning the basics of both these languages and building up their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge steadily over the year.

In Year 8, students then have the option of choosing to continue with both French and Spanish, or specialise in one. This allows pupils the option to give all their focus to their preferred language in the lead up to GCSE. Those who take both languages have two lessons per week of each and those who specialise in one have three. Many budding linguists will continue with both languages for this further year and can even do so through to GCSE level.


Students have three lessons per week for both French and Spanish options. The GCSE course aims to develop the ability to use the language effectively for the purposes of practical communication while also exploring the culture and literature of Francophone and Hispanophone countries. The topic areas are drawn from three themes which have direct relevance to situations commonly encountered abroad, whilst on holiday or in the work place. The curriculum also places an emphasis on translation from English to the target language (i.e. Spanish or French) and from the target language to English. Students will learn to use and understand a widening range of vocabulary and structures, to give full descriptions and accounts, to discuss issues and give opinions and to cope with a degree of unpredictability across the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. They are encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards speakers of foreign languages and a positive approach to other cultures and civilisations. 

          GCSE French Specification    GCSE Spanish Specification

Extra-Curricular opportunities

  • Trips to France
  • Trips to Spain
  • Visits to French/Spanish markets
  • Language conferences
  • Latin club at KS3 with the option to continue study at KS4 as an additional GCSE

Career Opportunities

Foreign language skills can be used in almost any career and particularly in businesses that trade internationally. Some fields include:

• Academic Researcher • Media • Museums and libraries • Business Services • Interpreter • Translator • Charity worker • Public administration • Political risk analyst • English as a foreign language teacher • Patent examiner • Marketing executive • Education consultant • Diplomatic service officer • International aid/development worker • Engineering • Publishing • Sales executive