Dear God, We express our gratitude for the understanding and deep appreciation we have for the wonders of the Earth. May this awareness inspire us to be mindful stewards of its beauty and resources. Amen. 


Head of department
Ms A Phelps

Other teaching staff
Mrs E Martinez, Ms R O'Donnell

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Curriculum Intent

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Year 7: Students study 5 lessons of Geography over a two week period.

Year 8: Students study 4 lessons of Geography over a two week period.

Both year groups look at a diverse range of topics within Physical, Human and Environmental Geography.


KS3 timeplan



A geographical education is an education for life. It develops in us an enthusiasm and enjoyment of our environments and improves our understanding of the environmental, cultural and economic challenges that face our world today. More and more in recent years, Geography has been the place where local, national and international issues have been studied. This content driven course studies Geography in a balanced framework of physical and human themes and investigates the link between them. The course is divided into three components (Global Geographical Issues, UK Geographical Issues and People and the Environment) and has an enhanced focus on Geographical theories and issues.

KS4 Timeplan

Extra-Curricular opportunities

Relevant trip where appropriate;

  • Swanage GCSE trip
  • Reculver and Herne Bay – Coastal trip
  • More TBC

Career Opportunities

Due to the nature of the course and the assessment procedures many students are able to reach their potential in Geography, culminating with an academic qualification that is well respected and will place them in very good stead in the future. It provides the skills and knowledge required to continue to Geography A Level. Employers regard Geography GCSE as evidence that potential employees are aware of their surroundings and possess the high-level skills of decision-making and problem-solving.

If you are interested in Geography then think about a career in….

Cartographer Climate Change Analyst / Climatologist Emergency Management Specialist 

Geomorphologist Geospatial analyst / GIS specialist / Hydrologist Location analyst 

Meteorologist / Pollution Analyst / Remote Sensing Analyst Surveyor Town planner

Charity Fundraiser / Diplomat / Environmental Education Officer / Teacher / Lawyer

Humanitarian Programme Manager / Landscape Architect / Nature Conservation Officer