Who are we?

Yr 10 samantha eluka Yr 9 john odgbesan Yr 7 anna spain Yr 8 alyssa miller  
Yr 10 tilly thompson Yr 9 lara perez Yr 7 praise evbuomwan Yr 8 fedora chigbue  
Fedora, Alyssa, Lara, John, Praise, Anna, Tilly, Sam


What do we do?

We meet every Tuesday morning at 8 am.  It is a really great group of students who come to discuss the upcoming Awareness days and offer up ideas on how to support them.

Over the past year there has been a collective creation of ideas and these have been implemented by arranging student competitions to promote wellbeing and have beautiful displays during the year.

We have also contributed to assemblies, more news and form groups promoting ourselves and the well-being themes.

Here are some commets from the team.

FC yr 8

When I am in the Well-Being team, I feel safe and I know that I can share my ideas with everyone there and they will listen to me and somehow add my ideas to what we are doing.  Being in the well-being team has made me know that my health is so important, just like anyone else.


AM yr8

Being in the well-being team has been a great experience.  I feel like I’m really contributing to something.  Its been helpful for not only educating the school on mental health, but also helped me cope with my own anxiety.  I enjoyed being part of something and helping around the school in spreading awareness on important topics.  I’ve really enjoyed being part of the well-being team.


HE yr9

Being in the well-being team this year has made me more conscious of how feelings work and it has been really helpful.  It was also nice to contribute to the school even more this year.  The well-being team is run well and is inclusive and allows us to express our ideas and make well-being at our school better with us being the leads rather than just teachers.


OGH yr7

Being in the well-being team has introduced me to new people who are really nice.  It gives us an opportunity to say our own ideas and we held charity events that helps support the school.  I am so glad to have joined the well being team.


SE yr10

Being in the schools well-being team has given me a sense of companionship and awareness.  As a year 10 student, school can be very stressful, however this role has taught me the importance of looking after my well-being and mental health.


"Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul."

- 3 John 1:2