Creative Arts

Who are we?

Yr 7 teddy langley Yr 8 verity jackson Yr 9 ryan mcmanus Yr 10 ines diacore  
Yr 7 eden mcshaw Yr 8 jeff george Yr 9 lena koziol Yr 10 ines dellapina  
Ines, Ryan, Verity, Jeff, Lena, Eden, Teddy, Ines


What do we do?

  • We ensure to provide equal opportunities to all students interested in partaking any role under the creative arts team.
  • We have a strong focus on enrichment possibilities within the department and aim to provide a breadth of accessible opportunities/roles to all students interested.
  • We base our core foundations on respect, dignity and acceptance, in line with the virtues of the school and its Catholic mission.
  • We allow for a student voice to be heard as a means of feedback and will work to our upmost to provide a sustainable and honest outcome.
  • We have a strong focus on supporting our fellow artists and act as a means of enabling a wider support network through promotion of upcoming creative arts events.

Our aims

  • We aim to provide more opportunity across the creative arts community at St. Thomas More which is not just inclusive of Drama, Dance and Music.
  • We aim to sustain collaboration between different creative arts communities for bigger projects, in order to learn and educate each other.
  • We aim to build on the valuable inclusion system at St. Thomas More by adhering to our inclusion policy at all times, this extends to our mission of opportunity for all.


Praise him with trumpet and lute, praise him with strings and pipes. Praise him with the clash of cymbals, praise him with triumphant cymbals. Let everything that lives and that breathes give praise to the Lord.

Psalm 150:3-6