Student Leadership

A key principle of Catholic Social teaching is subsidiarity. Subsidiraity is the coordination of society's activities in a way that supports the internal life of the local communities” The common good is “the totality of social conditions allowing persons to achieve their communal and individual fulfillment” -  Pope Benedict XVI.  This means that where possible decisions should be taken at the lowest possible level by the people most affected.

To support subsidiraity at STM, every year, just after Easter, each year group elects two students to represent their year group in each of the student committees. The committees are chaired by the elected year 11 students, and supported by a designated member of staff.

The House meeting will have 4 representatives from each year group, one from each house. 

The committees are

  • Eco Committee
  • Equality and Equity
  • House
  • Learning Leaders
  • Chaplaincy
  • Well being
  • School council

Meeting are from 8am - 8.30am every Tuesday morning, and breakfast is provided to the staff and students.

Regular attendance at the committees is important, and a student who by not attending is not representing their year group will be replaced by another student.

The School council is led by the school captains who appointed after a rigorous selection process. To be elected students must have been active for at least 2 of the previous 4 years within the student leadership. Eligible candidates will then be interviewed by the school leadership team, and then staff and student will vote for their preference. Scores from the interview and each election will then be used to appoint 2 students to the role of school captain.   

What do we do?

  • We volunteered for student leadership in an election process, elections are one way we develop our understanding of democracy – one of the British values
  • We promote student voice which helps us to share the perspective of students.
  • We get to share student ideas and challenges.
  • We have time and space to make change that support students in and out of school.
  • We have members from Year 7-11 in this group so we can share our different experiences across year groups