Religious Education

Head of department
Mr M Rebbitt

Other teaching staff
Mr R Moran(2i/c), Miss L Jeffreys, Ms R O'Donnell

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Curriculum Intent

The programme run for students in KS3 are broadly based on units from The WayThe Truth and The Life series published by the Catholic Truth Society. Included with these units are topics which meet the Curriculum Directory as required by the Bishops of England and Wales. Students in years 7 and 8 have two core lessons of RE a week, plus a third ‘additional’ lesson which allows students the opportunity to explore and discuss different themes of religion without the rigor of homework or end of unit assessments.

KS3 Time plans


The GCSE course is divided into three sections: Catholic Christianity, Judaism and Philosophy & Ethics.

Catholic Christianity covers four key aspects of Catholicism including beliefs and teachings, Catholic practices, sources of wisdom and authority and forms of expression and ways of life.

Judaism covers Jewish beliefs and teachings as well as Jewish practices.

Philosophy & Ethics looks at arguments for the existence of God as well as Catholic responses to arguments against the existence of God, along with relationships and families in the 21st century. This latter unit includes exploring various aspects of relationships, including sexual relationships.

KS4 Time plans

RE GCSE Specification

Extra-Curricular opportunities

There are a number of trips which link to RE including:

  • Rome and Vatican City
  • Aylesford Priory
  • St Cassian’s retreat centre in Kintbury
  • Various places of religious worship (e.g. Churches, gurdwara’s, synagogues)

Extra-curricular opportunities include:

  • Chaplaincy committee
  • Bible study
  • Prayer groups
  • Environmental groups
  • Various charity events which take place throughout the year.

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in Religious Education then think about a career in….

Law • medicine • psychology • policing • journalism • teaching • therapy • human resources • religious leadership • politics • aid worker • charity work • travel • leisure and tourism • community support work • childcare • health and social care • public services • the arts • architecture • film making • armed forces • youth work

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