Eco Committee

  Welcome to our virtual Eco Board! We also have a physical board in the school outside the Food Kitchen.

 The Eco Committee consists of one representative from each form,  two year 11 leaders, Miss Kerrey and Mr Currie.  We meet bi-weekly on a Thursday and sometimes students meet independently during other lunchtimes. 

We first completed the Environmental Review (see below) of the whole school and used this to choose our three Action topics.  We decided to work on Global Citizenship, Waste and Biodiversity.

The Eco Committee have been involved in lots of developments across the school. With the help of gardening club, we have created a wildflower area and sunflower competition for each form group. We also conducted a bin audit to see which classrooms did not have a recycling bin and whether it was being used properly. From this, we put up posters around in each room to help people recycle better. We also held a competition for recycling posters to help encourage the school to recycle. There are many charity events that are helping others across the school that support our plan to improve Global Citizenship. We have also spread the news about the 17 sustainability goals in form time to encourage the whole school to look after the planet.

Please check out our Environmental Review, Meeting Minutes and our Action Plan below.


STM Environmental Review 2022Committee Meeting Minutes                                  Action Plan 2022