Equality & Equity


Our Inclusive Vision is to be an all-inclusive Catholic community - working together to educate, support and celebrate our diversities. This vision encompasses awareness for under-represented and / or prejudiced individuals and communities such as:

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnics or People of Colour
  • Individuals of Mixed Heritage and / or other Nationalities
  • Girls & Women
  • Disabled People - both Seen and Unseen Disabilities
  • LGBTQ+ community

Our Diversity,Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Lead, plays a vital role in helping our school be aware of concerns with equality and takes action to create opportunities for Equity, with the support of the Head of Inclusion, Ms. Beck, as well as the rest of the Senior Leadership Team.

Our DEI Lead also works with the support of a group of appointed Equality and Equity Representatives and together, they have led such tasks as:

  • Creating safe places for discussion about people experiencing prejudice 
  • Requesting for more representation in subjects and the wider curriculum
  • Visual representation of under-represented individuals and communities
  • Creating activities for the whole-school to engage in as a means to be anti-prejudice​
  • Implementing and continually amending the school's Inclusion Policy