PiXL Edge

The Edge is offered by PiXL, the partnership of over 1500 schools chaired by Sir John Rowling, who work together to achieve the highest outcomes for students and to improve their life chances.

 The Edge is intended, over time, to develop and accredit the life-skills and attributes which employers are telling us they need; leadership, organisation, initiative, resilience and communication. It will give students a qualification which runs alongside their academic successes and recognises what they can do, as well as what they know. The skills gained will assist in raising self-esteem, improving life chances and broadening progression routes; attributes and skills required as they apply to colleges, universities and for positions of employment. Students can choose activities that they are able to undertake in or out of school which come within the five attributes of PiXL Edge.

 The PiXL Edge programme was introduced in school during the summer term of 2016 and all Year groups have now engaged with the programme.